Anna Pietrzak is an important musician who can handle emotions, captivate audiences.

Colin Cooper, Classical guitar

In Anna Pietrzak’s interpretation, we are stricken by a combination of virtuosity and lyricism, in which she softens, even the sharpest, most rhythmic fragments and in Assad’s “Farewell” Pietrzak shows her true colors: excellent, precise and sensitive.

Krzysztof Komarnicki, Ruch Muzyczny

La Catedral

All the compositions on this album are characterized by a “duality of moods” which consists in the direct impact of vibrating spontaneity and nostalgia. There is not much virtuosity for virtuosity’s sake in the execution of the pieces, every measure, the smallest phrase serves to create specific colors, leading us through a unique climate. […] Anna Pietrzak’s strong artistic personality leave a true mark on every composition.

Agnieszka Lewandowska-Kąkol, Twoja Muza 


The CD contains a beautiful program of two authors coming from Argentina and Brazil, mostly intended for a guitar duo. The album opens with a very interesting interpretation of “Lo que vendra" by Astor Piazzolla and all the performances are perfectly maintained in the style which is characteristic of South American music. […] This disc is perfectly recorded.

Krzysztof Nieborak

Anna Pietrzak, whose individual style could be described as ‘gently mild’, balances cleverly between virtuosity as well as solemn presentations of melodic beauty. […] All in all, this is beautiful, expressive and mature.

Adam Domagała, Gazeta Wyborcza